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This is a glimpse of what coaching really is. An exhaustive 60 mins where we take a look at your health vision, set goals and create action steps for you to start working towards that goal. 

One hour Discovery session + 3 sessions of 60 mins each scheduled either weekly or bi-weekly. 

We create your health vision, explore all the different aspects of your health, from there we find your goals and work on action steps for you to begin your journey towards a healthier you. 

This is a more exhaustive approach. One discovery session + 12 sessions of 60 mins each , again weekly over a period of three months or bi—weekly for longer. 

This approach helps implement new habits and create the necessary lifestyle adjustments for a healthier you! 

This is a total deep dive into your health. One discovery session + 24 sessions, weekly or bi-weekly. 

This is a longer more in depth approach where you can create habit change, create new neural pathways and make lasting changes to completely transform and create a new YOU!