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All about Goals!

All about Goals!

Goal setting is a powerful method of thinking about your ideal future or things that you want to achieve. It helps actualising ones vision into their reality. It helps you know where you want to go in life, what you want to work on or what you want to achieve. 

From a health perspective, setting goals is very important for people wanting to work on health concerns, wanting to achieve better health or work towards a better, fitter version of themselves. It helps create a roadmap and action steps to build a process to achieve the results they want. 

One great framework to use is the SMART framework. The following describes that- 

Specific - A goal should be clear and concise. 

Measurable- A goal should be measurable so that a person can track their progress. It helps create a clear criteria for success. 

Action oriented - It should be an action that is in a persons control 

Realistic - They should be within ones reach. Best to start on small lifestyle changes. 

Timed - Goals should be tied to a time frame for completion. 


examples of SMART goals are - I will loose 30 pounds over the next six weeks; I will sleep at least 7 hrs every night in the next three months; I will exercise at 6pm everyday over the course of 6 months.