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What is Coaching ?

What is Coaching ?

The coaching process is essentially based on a partnership of equals. To co-create and facilitate this partnership, coaches create an environment of open ended curiosity, trust and respect. 

The coaching relationship is a partnership of equals such that, the coach is the expert in the process of behaviour change and the client is the expert on their own lives, health goals and values. There are shared roles and responsibilities which makes it different from other roles which are hierarchical in nature. The coach works together with the client and guides the process of behaviour change while respecting client autonomy and understanding that the client chooses their health goals and action steps according to their needs and values.

The coach's primary role is to direct the coaching process using a specific set of skills, keeping the clients needs in mind and help the clients unleash their whole potential. It is a safe and supportive environment where the client is given space to explore and create a plan of action. Coaches champion their clients and help the clients stay accountable and help them achieve their goals. It is a safe space for clients to discover, explore and learn how to achieve their goals. It is a partnership based on deep trust and respect. 

The clients primary role is to determine the area of focus, create their vision based on their health concerns, choose their health goals and action steps. It is their responsibility to execute the behaviour change and action steps while being supported by the coach.