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Growing your own food!

Growing your own food!



Growing your own organic food is one of the most rewarding and exciting things one can do. Small spaces or large, pots or in the land, it is highly gratifying and is also linked to a series of health benefits. 

Growing your own food organically helps you cut down various toxins such as chemical pesticides and fertilisers. You know exactly what’s in your food. These chemicals are linked to a series of diseases and disorders, besides being precursors to cancers etc. 

You get the maximum nutrition from your food as you harvest when you need, you don’t loose nutritional value in transport and storage. 

Everything tastes fresh and more flavourful! Use of the best soil and nutrition. 

There is diversity in your diet as you grow different things. Various studies have shown that a persons diet is generally more nutrient dense and full of green veggies when one is growing them.

It’s a great way to stay active, working in the outdoors with your plants. You get lots of vitamin D. 

Besides all of this, It’s a great adventure!